The Roys' new CD, 'Lonesome Whistle,' is more than a bluegrass album. The 11-track recording that brother and sister Lee and Elaine Roy recorded in just about four weeks is something of a painting of American life and an appreciation of those who keep the faith in bleak times.

Consider the album's first single, 'Coal Minin' Man.' The duo wrote the song about those who rise before the sun, do back-breaking work all day and then head home after dark.

"It really pays tribute to them," Lee tells Lexington, Kentucky's WKYT-TV, noting the miners' reaction to the song and accompanying video, which was shot in Hazard, Ky., deep in the heart of coal country. "They were very appreciative of that." [Watch the video below.]


The Roys also use their music to underscore their faith in the American dream. That's certainly true of the song 'Trailblazer,' which Elaine wrote about her idol, Dolly Parton.

"I want it to be about dreamers just like me, you never know where God will lead you," she says. "Just gotta keep blazing those trails."

Adds Lee, "God keeps opening doors, and we keep walking through them."

'Lonesome Whistle' hit stores today (March 22). Check out their tour schedule here.