The Rising, a country-rock group from Belfast, Northern Ireland, are premiering the brand-new video for their song “Last First Love” exclusively for readers of The Boot.

With this single, the Irish band focuses on that feeling of falling in love for the first time. Whether it's a person, a song or something else, "Last First Love" invokes all of the emotions we experience when we fall in love.

"Your first love is very intense and something that always stays with you, be it falling in love with a person or something you feel passionately about," the band tells The Boot. "In the band, everyone has their own mental image of what the song means to them, and we hope that everyone who listens to the song will get the same feeling."

The Rising explain that their "Last First Love" video tells the story of several couples, but it concentrates on a songwriter who dreams of love and pens a song about her feelings.

"Love eventually arrives," they add, "and we follow the couple of a date, where they encounter several couples in various stages of their own relationships."

Readers can press play above to watch the "Last First Love" clip.

The Rising features Carla Crawford on piano; Chris Logan on guitar, banjo and mandolin; Chantelle McAteer on vocals; Brian Mellors on bass guitar; and Shane Watters on drums. In 2014, the group released their debut album, Coming Home, and gained momentum in both the United Kingdom and in the U.S. Crawford, McAteer and Mellors are all new to the band since that debut disc, and the quintet is working on new material.

"Last First Love" will be released on Sept. 16. Listeners can pre-order the song on iTunes or Google Play and follow the band on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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