The Mulligan Brothers are premiering their new song "Roseanne" exclusively for readers of The Boot. Press play below to hear the Americana four-piece's new track.

According to songwriter and Mulligan Brothers frontman Ross Newell, "Roseanne" was written about one of the band's most important members: a tour bus they purchased from a retirement home.

"We put a lot of work into her and named her Roseanne. She’s become important part of our lives and a part of the band," Newell says. "Often, people will mistakenly refer to her as a van, only to be corrected simultaneously by the band: 'She’s a BUS!' It seemed appropriate to write about her as the other woman in my life."

"Roseanne" appears on Songs for the Living and Otherwise, the Mulligan Brothers' forthcoming third studio album. Joined by drummer Greg DeLuca, bassist Ben Leninger and fiddle and piano player Melody Duncan, Newell converted the top floor of his home in Mobile, Ala., to record the album.

"Recording and producing this album ourselves gave us the luxury of seeing the vision all the way through to the end without outside influences making us second guess ourselves," Newell says. "There is a new confidence in this album, and we are thankful for the great people who support us and gave us the courage to try something new. It is freeing to let go and create an album that we will enjoy playing on the road every night.

Songs for the Living and Otherwise is set for release this summer, on June 1. Readers can visit for more details.

Listen to the Mulligan Brothers, "Roseanne":

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