Trace Adkins is getting his motor running once again on the big screen. After playing the tough-talking leader of a motorcycle gang in 'The Lincoln Lawyer,' the country superstar will play a truck driver in the upcoming feature film, 'The Healer.'

And not just any truck driver, THE Truck Driver. In the movie, described as a supernatural thriller, Trace plays a character literally named 'The Truck Driver,' who transports people to hell. The movie is centered around teenage twins and their father, who get lost in the woods during a camping trip. Trace's co-stars include Isabelle Fuhrman, Joel Courntey, James Le Gros, Peter Bogdoanovich and Natalia Dyer.

'The Healer' is currently being filmed in North Carolina. It will hit theaters sometime next year.

Watch Trace's 'Just Fishin'' Video

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