The Grahams, comprised of married couple Alyssa and Doug Graham, are debuting their new music video for "Biscuits" exclusively on The Boot.

"Biscuits" is off of the band's latest studio release, Glory Bound. The song puts a sensual twist on the Southern baked good, and its accompanying music video is steamy enough to bake a batch of biscuits.

"If you're tired of fishing / Come on in my kitchen / And I'll show you why the biscuits rise," Alyssa Graham sings.

"You can travel to Paris, the culinary capitol of the world, dine at the finest three-star Michelin restaurants, watch all the Anthony Bourdain highbrow television available, but if you haven't enjoyed a real, down-home, delectable, Southern biscuit, you ain't living," she tells The Boot.

When the Grahams and their co-writer Bryan McCann first delved into blues music, the tradition of double-entrendre blues simply didn't appeal to them.

"Anything beyond Bessie Smith singing about jelly roll seemed too salacious for our immature sensibilities," Alyssa Graham notes.

But as time goes on, tastes change, and that's just what happened with the duo.

"More recently, an appreciation of sensual pleasures seems more worth celebrating openly, or at least in the lightly veiled guise of double-meaning verse," Graham continues. "So, after moving down to Tennessee and tasting those scrumptious Loveless Cafe biscuits, the three of us got together and wrote this subtle-yet-provocative blues. Some folks may say oysters are an aphrodisiac, but Doug and I prefer hot buttered biscuits."

The black-and-white music video features '50s housewives performing household tasks such as scrubbing floors, ironing and, of course, making biscuits. Soon, though, viewers realize the video isn't quite so innocent ... and has the potential to get downright steamy (and we're not talking about heat from the oven!).

The Grahams have been a couple since the young ages of 7 and 9, and they currently reside in Nashville. Their new album, Glory Bound, was helmed by Grammy-nominated producer Wes Sharon and was released in May. Fans can purchase the album, merch and more on the duo's website.

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