Ghost of Paul Revere, a Maine-based "holler-folk" band, are premiering their new music video exclusively for The Boot's readers. Press play above to watch the group's video for their song "Montreal."

Soft-plucked guitars, sweeping cellos and a steady-but-building drum beat highlight "Montreal," a song that asks in its chorus, "Are we growing apart or are we growing up? / Are we a dream or are we waking up?" The questioning lines feel all the more urgent thanks to the harmonies from Ghost of Paul Revere's three members: guitarist and vocalist Griffin Sherry, bassist and vocalist Sean McCarthy and banjo player Max Davis.

Ghost of Paul Revere's "Montreal" music video is a straightforward clip: It shows the band performing the song to a live audience at a packed venue. Occasional slow-motion shots of the band and crowd accent key moments in the song.

Formed in Portland, Maine, Ghost of Paul Revere grew out of childhood friendships and a desire to play "experimental and adventurous" music. The band's debut album, Believe, dropped in 2014, earning rave reviews and making them the best-selling local artist in the states of Maine and New Hampshire; they're winners of the Best in Maine honor at the New England Music Awards as well.

Ghost of Paul Revere's second full-length album, Monarch, is due out on Oct. 27 via Kobalt Music Recordings; they've also released an EP, Field Notes Vol. 1. Fans can visit for more information about the band, their upcoming album and their tour plans.

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