With "Whites Creek," the Dryes manifested their future. The husband-and-wife duo is premiering their new songs exclusively with The Boot; press play below to listen.

During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Derek and Katelyn Drye found themselves falling in love with Whites Creek, Tenn., a neighborhood north of Nashville, across the Cumberland River and then some from downtown. The area, named for a nearby creek, is rural and quiet -- just what the Dryes felt they needed.

"Some of us find peace in plenty of ways: ‘Some feel you in a whiskey bottle, some read you in a dusty Bible,'" Katelyn Drye tells The Boot, quoting from the new song. "But it was a simple observation that all we needed was a ‘little house, lover's arms, down in Whites Creek'" that inspired her and Derek.

The Dryes co-wrote "Whites Creek" with Sarah Reeves. One year later, as they were preparing to release the song, the Dryes bought their first home in -- where else? -- Whites Creek.

The Dryes, both North Carolina natives, released their debut EP, Vol. 1, in 2018. They've shared a number of singles, including their most recent, 2020's "Yes," in the years since.

"Whites Creek" is due out widely on Friday (April 30). Visit TheDryes.com for more.

Listen to the Dryes' "Whites Creek":

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