The Dirt Daubers -- a three-piece band from Paducah, Ky. and Nashville, Tenn. -- have just released a new album of swampy, stomp-worthy, Southern-tinged tunes. 'Wake Up, Sinners!' is packed full of banjo-laden bluegrass, honky-tonk girl anthems, cowboy country lamentations and rockabilly reverie. Listen to the full album, track-by-track, now on our Listening Party page.

Self-dubbed an "old-time music trio," husband and wife Colonel JD Wilkes and Wanda Jackson-loving Jessica Wilkes, along with music buddy Mark Robertson, deliver an eclectic, vigorous mix of toe-tapping country music.

"We recorded in East Nashville in a buddy of mine's basement," the Dirt Daubers tell American Songwriter. "It's got a lot of hardwood walls, so it almost sounds like you're in an old cabin, with all that reverberating off the walls."

The band's name, by the way, refers to wasps that build their nests in the dirt. Jessica says the band's old bass player takes credit for the name.

"They're neat little creatures," Jessica notes. "They're very diligent little worker bee-type things."