New Orleans-based band the Deslondes released their sophomore album, Hurry Home, in June of this year. During a recent event, the group's Sam Doores spoke with The Boot about how the band's fans have responded to the project and about the group's creative spirit.

Always good for a foot-stomping live show, the Deslondes have found, Doores says, that their newest songs take on a life of their own in a concert setting. He specifically cites "Hurricane Shakedown" as one that "gets a vibe going;" the throwback rock 'n' roll tune, inspired by band member John James Tourville's experience of being housebound with his wife during Hurricane Isaac in 2012, is a get-up-and-move kind of song.

"I feel like we do this a lot where, we write a song, and then we record it, and then we play it a bunch, and then we finally find how to play it right after we record it," Doores says with a laugh.

The Deslondes -- Doores, Riley Downing, Dan Cutler, Tourville and Cameron Snyder -- draw from rockabilly, bluegrass, country, rock and R&B influences, to name a few. The experience of writing songs as five guys with varied musical backgrounds results in an eclectic, but well received, mix.

"Sometimes we each bring fully formed songs, and sometimes, for instance, with "Nelly," I just had the idea for it; I brought in, and we all kind of arranged it together," Doores recalls. "Everyone has their own style, but we all arrange the song together."

Working with five different musicians to create a synergistic live vibe is a constant evolution, one that lends itself to transforming songs between the studio and the stage.

"Actually, "Nelly," we do totally different [live] ... It's the song we play live with a completely different feel than on the record," Doores says. "We wrote it in the studio, and so we recorded it basically the day it was done being written, and then we realized 'Oh, it feels even better like this,' so now it feels really good live."

The Deslondes will spend early and mid-November touring around the Northeast and Midwest. After a break for the holidays, they'll begin a brief trek in Europe. Hurry Home is available now via Amazon, and fans can check the band's official website for information on upcoming shows.

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