The Brothers Comatose know the pull of the road can sometimes equal the pull of home life. Their new song "Too Many Places" explores that conflict; an accompanying music video is premiering exclusively on The Boot.

""Too Many Places" is the result of a band and crew road-doggin' for a long, long time and having the love for road life conflict with other loves back home," the band's Ben Morrison explains. Their tour manager, Joe Pacini, pitched the song's first lyrics, but the finished version is a whole-band collaboration.

"It tells the story of a man fighting an internal battle between the road he believed he was destined for and a more domestic life with a woman he loves. It's a constant push and pull, and a common thread with most of the touring bands we know: How do you find that balance? Can they both exist to their fullest capacity?" Morrison reflects. "It's a delicate dance that requires a lot of give and take in a relationship, and it's something we've been trying to figure out for a long time. If anybody out there has figured it all out, give us a call and tell us your ideas!"

In the "Too Many Places" music video, the Brothers Comatose, one by one, hitchhike their way to each other, from various city streets to one gorgeous, waterside spot. There, they perform together, an endless view of waves and blue sky behind them.

“Too Many Places” is the second single from the Brothers Comatose’s forthcoming studio album. The record has not yet officially been announced, but it's due out in early 2022 via Swamp Jam Records.

The Brothers Comatose are sharing their new music, as well as covers of some favorite songs and reimagined versions of their older tracks, through their weekly Ear Snacks video series. Fans can find the full video playlist on YouTube.

The Brothers Comatose are Morrison on guitars and vocals, his brother Alex on banjo and vocals, bassist and vocalist Scott Padden, violinist Philip Brezina (violin) and mandolin player Greg Fleischut. The San Francisco, Calif.-based group formed in 2009 and has released four studio albums, as well as several EPs. Fans can keep up with them at

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