The Band of Heathens are giving an exclusive first listen of their song "Last Minute Man" to readers of The Boot! Click play below to hear the track, from their forthcoming album, Duende.

"Last Minute Man" is one of 10 tracks the Heathens' upcoming record, which mixes folk rock, bluesy soul and even a bit of old-school funk with ease.

"I like to wait for time to move slowly / Roll up easy, that's my game / It may take some time to get there / Like a moth dances 'round a flame / Don't expect to fence me in / I walk high, my head in the clouds ..." sings singer and guitarist Ed Jurdi in the first verse of "Last Minute Man," leading into the chorus: "I'm not running to get nowhere / Kicking back just as much as I can / Coming in on a wing and a prayer / I'm your last-minute man."

Written by Jurdi and inspired by his own tendency to "procrastinate and put things off until the last minute," "Last Minute Man" is rooted in classic Americana, with a heavy dose of Southern rock mixed in. The song's lyrics encourage listeners to sit back and take their time, while the music makes them want to get on their feet and dance.

"I had been messing around with some [Merle] 'Travis style' picking and thought it would fit nicely with the idea of a last-minute man," Jurdi explains. "Someone who is just kicking back and letting life come to them, and isn't terribly bothered with the general pace and stress of the world all around them."

Celebrating their 10th anniversary as a band in 2016, the Band of Heathens have been quietly contributing to the Southern rock and Americana genres since their first release in 2006; each band member -- Jurdi, drummer Richard Milsap, bassist Scott Davis, guitarist Gordy Quist and keyboard player Trevor Nealon -- made his own mark as a solo artist before they teamed up to perform together in their hometown of Austin, Texas. Their first two albums were live recordings, but the Heathens released their debut studio record in 2008 ... and the rest, as they say, is history.

Duende, the Band of Heathens' fifth studio album, is set to hit stores and streaming sites on Jan. 13, and every track on the new offering is just as feisty as "Last Minute Man," in its own unique way: There's soul mixed with pop and funk mixed with rock, each song revealing another layer to the group's skill set, both as individual musicians and a united front.

Fans of "Last Minute Man" can pre-order the full album on iTunes and Amazon now; those who do will receive two other tunes from the record. For more details on the Band of Heathens, visit their official website.

Listen to the Band of Heathens, "Last Minute Man":

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