Sure, parts of the song may be pretty sinister, but there's no denying that the Avett Brothers' latest release, "High Steppin'," has an infectious, danceable beat. In fact, the music video for the song features its groove so heavily that the storyline culminates in a line dance-inspired routine in the middle of the open road.

Now, fans can peek behind the scenes of the music video to learn about the Purple Charlotte Steppers Club, the team of dancers behind the routine showcased in the clip. Press play above to watch footage of the dance routine coming together, in a video premiering exclusively for readers of The Boot.

"So I'm sitting here in the office, and I get an email," recalls Purple Charlotte Steppers Club Executive Director Demond Carter. "'Hey, I'm with this group called the Avett Brothers, and we wanna talk to you about maybe choreographing some dance routine for us for a video we got coming up.'"

The clip offers a glimpse into the start-to-finish process of creating the routine, from early practices to the final video shoot. "It was really hot that day, but it was so much fun," recalls Purple Charlotte Stepper Doris Monger of the filming experience.

"My favorite part was meeting them, the Avett Brothers, how personable they were," adds Robert Wilson.

According to the group's website, the Purple Charlotte Steppers Club is a Charlotte, N.C.-based social group dedicated to "providing social outlets ... by hosting professional dance classes, sponsoring local and national events, and initiating quality programming in the community. We use social dance as a platform to promote healthy living, positive social interactions and responsibility." Their focuses are Detroit-style ballroom dance, Chicago-style stepping and line dance.

"[It's] this awesome, amazing group of people," says Tiffany Jaye. Adds John Taariq, "It's like an underworld dance community. You have to get into the dance to understand what a Purple Stepper is."

"High Steppin'" comes off of the Avett Brothers' forthcoming album, Closer Than Together, which is due for release on Oct. 4. Despite its catchy, up-tempo beat, both the song and its music video have dark sides, from sinister lyrical undertones to a painted-faced Death character (played by Seth Avett) who rides shotgun on a carefree drive through the country, and even takes part in the choreographed dance routine.

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