All across the U.S., family and friends will gather this week to share Thanksgiving. Here's what some of your favorite country music stars will be doing (and eating!) during the holiday.

Some of country's finest will be working on Turkey Day. Reba McEntire will be featured among the highlights of Macy's 83rd annual Thanksgiving Day Parade, which will air on CBS tomorrow morning. NBC also telecasts the parade and Billy Currington will be among the performers featured. Taylor Swift will be featured on 'People of the Year,' an NBC special airing Thanksgiving night.

For many of us, Thanksgiving memories center around food. Such is the case with Alan Jackson, who says his favorite Thanksgiving dish would be the homemade dressing "We like the cornbread-based kind of dressing that we always have with turkey. That recipe is a kind of a combination of my mama's and Denise, [who] has taken it and perfected it over the years so that me and my children really enjoy it."

Eddie Montgomery of Montgomery Gentry says he's a happy man if he has a big plate of chicken and dumplings. "I reckon that was always the thing, chicken and dumplin's, man, and I just love 'em. I reckon just because they got so much fat in 'em, you know? I mean, it's probably the most ... unhealthiest thing in the world to eat, and I just love it."

Troy Gentry of Montgomery Gentry says turkey is a tradition for his family for Thanksgiving. "We always mix it up, you know? We always have turkey for Thanksgiving, we always have ham for Christmas. We mix up everything else, you know, from potato casserole, to Angie [Troy's wife] and her mom have this special green been recipe that they do. Mashed potatoes are always on the table. It just kind of depends on the mood for the year. There's no set menu."

Chuck Wicks goes straight for the mac and cheese at the Thanksgiving table. "Homemade macaroni and cheese -- for days. I skip the turkey, I skip the ham. I skip all of that. Homemade macaroni and cheese. Without a doubt."

For those who'll be traveling by air for the holiday, Chris Young has some practical advice. "If I can carry it on, I love to carry on as much stuff as I can. I hate checking bags. But if I have to, I always carry on my guitar and my hat. That way I at least have those. I can play a show with those two things."

And if you're looking for Chris in an airport, check out the cool places to eat. "I kill time in an airport. I usually go eat. That's my problem. If I'm stuck in an airport, I go find somewhere to sit down and order a Coke and some chips and salsa or somethin'. Just sit there and munch on somethin'."

Jason Michael Carroll gets straight to the heart when it comes to being thankful at Thanksgiving. "I'm most thankful for my kids and my family. I've got a great group of kids, and I say 'group' 'cause I've got four. I think you know one is one, two is a couple, three is a few, and then four is a group."

Gary LeVox of Rascal Flatts says the three members of his group (sorry, Jason, in this case three is a group!) are just glad to be off the road. He says they love being out there meeting fans, but Thanksgiving is "a time to reconnect with family. We don't get home near as much as we would all love to be home and spend time with family. Thanksgiving is a special time to reflect on all the blessings that we had all year long."

Sarah Buxton plans on Thanksgiving in Nashville with an eclectic bunch. "I plan to herd my immediate family to Nashville and hopefully have a joint Thanksgiving with some of my best friends and their families who live there."

The singer's fond memories of Thanksgiving as a kid include going hunting with her dad. "I was ... probably six, seven years old. Early in the morning, my dad would get me up, get me dressed, let me go get in the pick-up truck with him, and we'd drive out to the hunting club, and he'd go hunting. We'd be out there all day. We'd have ham sandwiches for lunch that he got from the little community store, and I remember getting back home to the smell of turkey in the house. We lived in a trailer in Louisburg, North Carolina, and if my dad got a deer, he'd be cleaning the deer in the yard ...then we'd sit down and have dinner and watch football."

Father-on duo The Parks say their plans always include a huge family get-together. "We have the traditional turkey and dressing and all the fixings. "Sometimes we go out in the backyard and play football ... just normal family stuff."

Country newcomer Emma Jacob says Thanksgiving is all about family traditions. "I have two sisters, and every Thanksgiving it's tradition in my family that all the sisters get together and bake pies for Thanksgiving dinner. About one week before Thanksgiving we all tell my mom what type of pie we each want to make, and what ingredients go into each pie. Our mom then goes out and buys all the ingredients. Then, two days before Thanksgiving, all of us get together and make our individual pies -- all of us, including my mom, baking at the same time in the same kitchen. You're never sure what may happen while we are all together!"

Emma says her favorite pie to make is pumpkin. "After we're done making pies we all get together to make and decorate sugar cookies. It's a great time of year where we as a family have a great time together. Then Thanksgiving Day we all have a great feast, with a lot of pies. This is a special time in our house where we're all grateful to be together."