Tenille Townes has much to be excited about in 2020, but above all else, she's looking forward to finally sharing her full-length project with fans. "I cannot wait to get this record out," the singer told The Boot in November. "We've got it all finished up, and we're just kind of setting it up and getting it ready to share."

Though she is known for weighty, lyrically poignant songs including "Jersey on the Wall (I'm Just Asking)" and her breakout debut, "Somebody's Daughter," Townes' album will feature a wide musical landscape.

"There's songs on there that the goal is to that it just makes people dance and forget about their worries, makes them feel like they're not alone, and then there's songs on there that get a little further into the heart of the matter," the singer explains. "I think that's what music's for, is kind of being a companion in some of those darker places.

"It's a collection of songs that mean so much to me," she goes on to say. "I hope it's a ride, you know? A place where people come, gather and get filled up."

The year 2019 was a big one for Townes, too, between putting together and polishing the songs on her album as well as logging miles on the road as an opening act for some of country music's brightest stars. The singer says that touring with iconic women, such as Miranda Lambert, was a unique highlight of her year.

"It really is a sisterhood, for real," Townes recounts. "In the sense of, you sit and chat after the show, or you visit at lunch, at catering, and you talk about life. You talk about things back home and family, just some of the harder things that come with chasing this dream."

As a veteran in the business, Lambert was able to offer Townes some important pieces of advice. "I've talked to Miranda about what it was like for her in the early days, opening up for George Strait or Kenny Chesney on the road, and kinda hearing her insight on what that part looked like for her: what she learned to do, and not to do," the rising artist shares. "You take all that with you when you go."

Even more helpful than any once piece of advice, Townes adds, is having that solidarity. "I think more than any of the advice or wisdom, it's just knowing that she's there. She's like, 'I got your back and I believe in what you're doing,'" Townes adds of Lambert, "and that, coming from someone you look up to immensely, is a pretty extraordinary gift."

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