Rising singer Teddy Robb may be relatively new to the country music world, but it certainly isn't new to him. In fact, the up-and-comer's playlist focuses on the greats of traditional country music, including lots of tracks that helped teach him how to write a good story song -- and a few he flat-out wishes he'd written himself!

Given the collection's solid gold focus, it's no surprise that both George Strait and Tim McGraw have two songs apiece on this list. Robb says he included one of McGraw's contributions, "Humble and Kind," which was written by Grammy Awards winner Lori McKenna for its iconic, universal appeal.

"The song "Humble and Kind" is a brilliant, timeless song," he explains. "This song is relevant whether it was released 20 years ago or today. The message it tells will always mean something. I would absolutely put this on this list of songs -- I wish I would have wrote [it.]"

As for Strait, Robb adds, one of his favorite releases from the King of Country sums up perfectly what it's like to live life on the road: "The song "[I Can] Still Make Cheyenne" captures what country music is -- everything from the production, to the story it tells, to the sound and tone of George Strait's voice," he muses.

"This is one of the most relatable songs for me as a traveling musician," Robb adds. "Although the man in the song is traveling for the rodeo, he's just trying to make it home."

Robb also includes on his playlist Kenny Chesney's "Somewhere With You," a song that is so important to the rising artist that he says he owes his career to it. "As a songwriter, [the song] is a constant reminder to myself of what a masterpiece sounds like," he explains. "The images that it depicts through the lyrics create a feeling that you never want to lose, and the melody keeps you wanting more.

"This is a song I will compare great songs to. It's the reason why I am a songwriter," Robb continues. "This song sets the bar."

Though Robb pays homage to the songs he grew up with on this playlist, he doesn't neglect more current artists, either -- Midland and Blake Shelton earn spots, too. Robb's own traditionally inflected new single, "Really Shouldn't Drink Around You," headed to radio on July 15.

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