Taylor swiftWhatever the state of their relationship is these days, Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner are now sharing a little screen time in the film 'Valentine's Day,' which opens in theaters today (Feb. 12).

And for the singing superstar, who will actually be on her way from Australia to Japan this Valentine's weekend, the holiday isn't typically spent with a boyfriend, anyway.

"I see it as an opportunity to hang out with my other single girlfriends." Taylor tells Girls Life Magazine, adding that being single is not a curse but a gift. "It's that time for you to figure out what you like and how you like to spend time by yourself."

As for ending romantic entanglements, Taylor insists a clean break is best. "I'm not into letting relationships linger and drag on forever. I know myself and I'm not the kind of person who can be buddy-buddy with a guy after we breakup."

Taylor plays her last show in Australia tonight before heading to Japan and then returning to the US to continue the Fearless tour.

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