Taylor SwiftRecent American Music Award Artist of the Year winner Taylor Swift is known for penning her own songs. But she shocked a lot of people when she chose to add a cover song to her 'Fearless: Platinum Edition' album. Even more surprising was the song she chose: 'Untouchable' by Nashville-based rock band Luna Halo.

"She could have chosen any cover in the world, but that's what she chose," Luna Halo member Nathan Barlowe tells Nashville's Tennessean. And, since country's biggest artist put her seal of approval on their songwriting, the band is now inspired to delve further into the craft.

"A lot of people are curious to see if we can repeat the magic somehow, and we are, too," Nathan says. "Songwriting, to me, if you're good at it, it's a craft that you're constantly learning, especially when you switch formats. There's a learning curve there that takes a little time. Luckily, we're hooking up with some of the greatest writers in town, and we're learning from them."

No word yet if the guys from Luna Halo will collaborate with Taylor on her next album. Taylor's record-breaking 'Fearless' tour has been extended into 2010.