Taylor Swift is only a month away from releasing her new album, 'Speak Now,' all over the world -- literally. The 20-year old will celebrate her CD release by performing songs from the project on her album release date, October 25, at the United Nations in New York City.

The event, which will be streamed live by CMT and MTV networks worldwide, will air across the globe, including in Europe, Latin America, Australia and Asia. Known for her accessibility to fans, in spite of her superstar status, Taylor will also invite several fans, selected from her worldwide 'Speak Now' contest, to accompany her on a cross-country flight from the Big Apple to Los Angeles.

Taylor recently watched 'Mine,' the first single from 'Speak Now,' reach all the way into the top five. But it was the accompanying video, that featured the Grammy winner playing both wife and mom, that had Taylor talking. "The little kids on set were my favorite part about shooting this video, because there was such child-like energy about the whole shoot," Taylor explains to The Boot. "There was always some little kid laughing in the background or screaming and chasing each other around. I nicknamed them 'the Littles.'"

The online concert will stream live at 5:00 PM ET on October 25.

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