It's no secret that Taylor Swift writes songs about her ex-boyfriends, and now the wife of one of the songstress' high school crushes is saying that her husband inspired Swift's mega-hit 'Picture to Burn,' from her eponymous debut album.

"They dated in freshman year," Chelsea Alford tells the Daily Mail about her husband, Jordan, and Swift's relationship. Both are former classmates of Swift's. "'Picture to Burn' is about him. Because he's always had big old trucks and stuff."

The Daily Mail reports that Swift's friend Abigail told the couple that the track is about Jordan. Although the truck part is accurate, some of the song's other lines, like "You're a redneck heartbreak / Who's really bad at lying," are still up for debate, says Alford.

"[Jordan] was like, 'I'm not a redneck! She makes me look like some redneck!'" she says, "but other than that, we just thought it was kind of funny."

Alford adds that while she and her husband can figure out who most of Swift's early songs are about, the fact that the tunes became so successful is a bit surprising.

"She really does write her own songs, so I guess if you date her, you have to know you're going to get a song written about you," Alford says. "In our case, back in school, nobody thought she was actually going to go anywhere."

For Swift, who has never hidden the fact that she writes about other people, her songwriting is just a way to communicate her feelings.

“I write songs," she explains, "and my voice is just a way to get those lyrics across."

As with all of her previous albums, Swift wrote or co-wrote all 13 songs on her latest album, '1989.' Download the record here.

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