What does Taylor Swift have in common with Tina Fey, Anderson Cooper, Michael Moore and President Obama? They're all included in Rolling Stone's countdown of the 100 people who are changing America.

"We've ranked 100 artists and leaders, policymakers, writers, thinkers, scientists and provocateurs who are fighting every day to show us what is possible -- whether it's engineering a new electrical grid, reinventing the way movies are made or challenging us to let go of our illusions and face the brave new world that stands before us," Rolling Stone explains of those the magazine deem 'Agents of Change.' "This list is not necessarily about power in the old-fashioned sense but about the power of ideas, the power of innovation, the power of making people think and making them move."

Swift is the first face on the countdown, coming in at #100 as "the first teen pop star who seems to get what it means to be a teenager." Rolling Stone commends the 19-year-old songbird for managing to "keep her head on straight -- no drinking, no smoking, no limousine peekaboo -- without seeming like a prude." Swift is also credited for bringing a whole new audience to country music, alluring teen girls who identify with her wholesome image.

Other musicians who make the countdown include Jack White, Bono, Radiohead and Kanye West. See the full 'Agents of Change' list here.