You may find this hard to believe, but Taylor Swift is human. Thus, the country superstar might get sick every now and then, as she did this past weekend, forcing her to cancel a show for the first time ever in her career. The 21-year-old's Louisville, Ky. concert, set for this past Saturday, July 2, will now take place on October 11, due to doctor's orders for recovery from an undisclosed illness.

"Louisville, I so sorry to have to postpone this show to Oct. 11," Taylor posted on her Twitter page. "This is my first time having to do this. I'm so, so sorry."

Tickets for the Louisville show will be honored in October, or fans can opt for a full refund. Taylor only has until Friday to get better, as her next Speak Now World Tour stop is July 8 in Charlotte, N.C., followed by two weekend shows in Atlanta, Ga.

With the exception of being sidelined by sickness, the singer is elated with the trek so far. "Playing shows on this tour is the best time I've ever had onstage," she writes on her blog. "The crowds we've been playing for have been so unbelievable. The kind of crowds that jump up and down the entire show, making our view from the stage look like a giant ocean of dancing, jumping people. These are the kinds of crowds that sing the words louder and more passionately than I ever could've imagined. And to have a show that includes ballerinas and fireworks and entire scenery changes ... it's thrilling for me. My band and I have already come away with memories to last a lifetime, and it's not even halfway done yet!"

Click here for a full list of Taylor's tour dates.

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