Comedienne Chelsea Handler has big plans for Taylor Swift during this year's MTV Video Music Awards. Since the star of E!'s 'Chelsea Lately' will be hosting the MTV gig, she's looking to bring some of her late-night shock value to the festivities by reuniting the bad boy of rap -- Kanye West -- with the sweetheart of country -- Taylor. If Chelsea succeeds, it will be the first time the two artists have shared a stage since the debacle at last year's MTV Awards, when Kanye stole Taylor's thunder during her acceptance speech for Best Female Video, grabbing her microphone to sing the praises of Beyonce (who was visibly mortified watching it all go down).

Cool-as-a-cucumber Taylor kept her composure during Kanye's mini-tirade, and then later graciously accepted his apology. "Kanye did call me," Taylor told ABC News Radio. "He was very sincere in his apology, and I accepted that apology."

According to, Chelsea visited Ryan Seacrest's radio show on Thursday to talk about why she's thrilled to be hosting this year and hinted about her plans to reunite Kanye and Taylor.

"I'mexcited, because it's such a big hip-hop and rap year, and I just love having those guys on my show. They have the best senses of humor," she said. "I'm hoping we can do some really fun stuff with these A-holes. I want to go and film some ridiculous stuff and see if we can do something with Kanye, because I always talk about Kanye, so he seems like he'd be in on the fun."

Chelsea went on to say that she's hoping she can persuade Taylor to play along. "I'd like to get them together ... because you've never really seen them together since [last year]. They were supposed to be on 'Saturday Night Live,' but then that didn't end up happening. We'll try and think of something clever to do with them, because that would be really fun. Everyone loves Taylor Swift, and Kanye's ... Kanye."

Fans can tune in on September 12 at 9 PM ET for the 27th annual MTV Video Music Awards, which will be broadcast live from the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, to see if Chelsea's plan comes to fruition.