When you're one of the biggest musical superstars on the planet like Taylor Swift, people know a lot about you. But maybe there are a few surprises in this installment of You Think You Know Country? from our friends at Taste of Country.

Here's something you might not know about Swift: Her song "Sparks Fly" is allegedly about Jake Owen. The tune's liner notes hide the phrase "PORTLAND OREGON," and after this rumor started floating around, fans unearthed a MySpace blog post from Swift back in 2006, written after she opened up for Owen in Portland.

Swift was 16 at the time, so the whole incident seems to have just been an encounter with a celebrity crush, but it was enough to inspire one of the singer's many platinum-selling songs. Check out the video above to learn more about Swift, like what her dad does for a living and what her first job was.

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