It's evident through Taylor Swift's music and videos that she draws great inspiration from her high school experience, so it seems only appropriate that her alma mater, Hendersonville, Tenn.'s Hendersonville High School, would recognize contributions from its star pupil (pun intended). According to Hendersonville Star News, the Sumner County Board of Education voted September 21 to name HHS' auditorium for the precocious singer-songwriter.

The request came from Principal Joni Worsham, who said it was "an honor befitting [Taylor's] generous spirit." Worsham also recognized the $75,000 donation Taylor made to the school last year in order to revamp the auditorium's sound and lighting systems. The upgrade benefits not only students, but local organizations that use the facility.

"The first time I can remember Taylor performing in our community was on the stage of the HHS auditorium, using the old sound system," Worsham said. "Truly her thoughtful gift has improved our campus and the programs that are held in the auditorium."

Taylor spent her freshman and sophomore years at HHS, giving her enough material to write not only her self-titled debut album but also her second release, 'Fearless.'

This isn't the only contribution Taylor has made to her hometown, last month city officials announced that the CMA Female Vocalist of the Year nominee donated $100,000 to rebuild the Kids Kingdom playground, which was severely damaged by flooding in May.

And to the naysayers? "I don't want any misconceptions that she did this as a result of (or that she made) the request to have something named after her," explained board Chairman Don Long. "She does it because she can, because she cares about the community and she hopes it inspires others to give what they can."

The name change to the Taylor Swift Auditorium must be approved in one more public reading before it becomes official. The second reading for the school board is scheduled for October 19.

In other Taylor news, this week she announced the track listing for her upcoming 'Speak Now' album, out October 25. Check it out here.