Tammy Wynette, whose legendary career earned her the unofficial title of First Lady of Country Music, helped pave the way for dozens of contemporary female country artists, Faith Hill included. Growing up dreaming of being a country singer, Faith fondly recalls trying to sing many of Tammy's hits, including 'Stand By Your Man,' before she was even old enough to understand the lyrics. Passionate about preserving Tammy's legacy, Faith recently took the time to narrate a new exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum (pictured above) which will honor Tammy's illustrious career.

"I'm sure there are a few that are aware of Tammy and listen to her music, but you can't have too many," Faith tells The Canadian Press. "Especially with the next generation developing and creating their music, I think it's important they hear Tammy Wynette."

"We are thrilled to have Faith Hill play a prominent role in our exhibit," Museum Director Kyle Young adds. "Faith, who herself is a superstar and role model for many of her contemporaries, sat down with our curators for an exclusive on-camera interview and talked at length about Tammy's influence. The resulting video, which is woven throughout the exhibit's narrative, provides an artist's unique context and insight."

Reba McEntire, whose career was just beginning while Tammy's was in full swing, also has vivid memories of her mentor and friend, who passed away in 1998 at the age of 55. "[Tammy] was always so down to earth and so friendly, always there to talk and visit with you," Reba says. "And great songs. My gosh, the songs that she sang would touch your heart in a heartbeat, and she was always so identifiable. When she started singing most times when the song started you knew that was a Tammy Wynette song. You never had to guess who was singing that song."

The exhibit, which will be on display at the museum until June 12, 2011, includes Tammy's many costumes that she wore during her shows, wigs, jewelry, childhood toys, an appointment book from 1977 given to her by Billy Sherrill and her numerous awards, including two Grammys and multiple Country Music Association awards.

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