Suzanne Santo takes a trip down memory lane in her new song "To No End." Some of what she finds triggers nostalgia, while some of it is difficult and bittersweet.

A distorted harmony — almost like something you'd hear coming out of an old-time record player — opens and closes "To No End," setting the scene. In the first verse, Santo remembers "that little Rust Belt town" she grew up in: "Home again, hello, my old friend / How long has it been since you loved me to no end?" she sings.

Things get a bit darker in the second verse, however: "Forgiving you is hard to do ... 'Cause I'm not healed or ironed out / From the things you've done / And never said a word about," Santo sings. The melody picks up and gets fuller as she sings another hello; this time, however, it's followed by a less-welcoming question: "How long has it been since you tortured me to no end?"

Santo's relationship with the song's subject — which is left ambiguous and unidentified — is clearly complex: "You did your best and I did the rest," she offers in the bridge. In a final verse, she sings, "I know you now as I knew you then ... It's bittersweet to me / Looking at our history."

"I'll love you to no end," she closes the final chorus.

"To No End" is one of 12 songs on Santo's forthcoming new album, Yard Sale, her second release as a solo artist. She started writing the record, which she largely co-produced with John Spiker, while on tour with singer-songwriter Hozier, during which time she opened for him and played in his band.

"I moved so much, both emotionally and physically, while making this record," Santo reflects. "Throughout that experience, there was this emotional unpacking of sorts — a shedding of baggage. I've gotten good at knowing what I need to keep holding onto and what I don't ...

"This record is about the things I've left behind and the things I've [been] holding onto," she adds. "I was broken up with while writing the record. I fell in love again while writing the record. And I learned to fearlessly follow my gut, in all places of my life, while making this record."

Formerly a member of the duo HoneyHoney, Santo released her first solo album, Ruby Red, in 2017. The Parma, Ohio, native began working professionally as a model and actor at the age of 14; she moved to New York City to attend the Professional Children's School, the relocated to Los Angeles, Calif., in her late teens.

Yard Sale is due out on Friday (Aug. 27). Fans can learn more at

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