Americana artist Susan Toney is only days away from the release of her latest album, 'Love Is the Cure -- The Essential Collection.'

“Love Is the Cure -- The Essential Collection’ was inspired by looking at many different kinds of relationships in life and the beauty and complexity of each," she explains. "If you bring the human experience of joy, intimacy, safety, fear, vulnerability and differences together, with patience and understanding, love is the cure…”

The California native channeled some of her own emotions into the new set of tunes.

“I've endured personal tragedies in my life, and God and music have been my saving grace," Toney explains. "Music is a powerful voice and I am blessed to be the instrument to help others (those who may be struggling with their own life hurdles be it abuse, addiction, conflict or heartache). I believe 'Love Is the Cure' speaks to express emotion. Each song was created from life experiences with the hope to help the listener rise from personal trials to triumphs.”

The California native penned the songs on 'Love Is the Cure,' which she says is essential to her career.

"I'm a songwriter, first and foremost," Toney explains. "Writing is a necessity for me. When I am struck with an idea, a thought, a feeling and the need to express the deep moan, urgency and battle in my soul, it has to be expressed -- much like the birth of a child, it has to be delivered!"

Multi-platinum selling producer David Z, whose credits include Prince, Etta James and Eric Clapton, produced the new record. Listen to the album's debut single, 'The Trail of Light and Dark,' here.

'Love Is the Cure -- The Essential Collection' will be released on March 4 on Strange Child Recordings. Purchase the album here.