Sundance Head knows firsthand how difficult it can be to find success on country radio, so it's special to him every time his music gets airplay. Below, the Season 11 The Voice winner recalls the first time he ever heard one of his songs on the radio, and explains his perspective on competition within the music business.

While commercial success is nice, he says, the most important thing is making good music for his fans and albums that he can be proud of for the rest of his life. Read on to learn more.

Me and my wife were in Texas, and it was a song called "Overcooked" that we had released to Texas radio. It made it to, like, No. 74 on the chart. And I'll never forget hearing it on the radio station -- I thought, "Man, we're freaking famous!"

We were in the car, and I actually almost wrecked. I just pulled over, and we hugged each other. It was such a magic moment.

Every time [I hear my song on radio], I love it so much. I understand how competitive it is. Everyone's trying to make it. Everyone has a platform.

I don't know, I know it's difficult to do, but to me, it's just as simple as, "Hey, man, we're gonna make a record that we can listen to 20 years from now and be proud of everything we did on it." If the world embraces it, then that's gonna be beautiful, and if it doesn't happen, then I go back home to Texas and I play bars for the rest of my life. 'Cause that's what I do. I'm a musician, before all of this.

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