As one half of country music's hottest duo, Sugarland, Kristian Bush is naturally full of joy. In the five years since their debut single, 'Baby Girl' stormed the charts, Kristian and partner Jennifer Nettles have scored -- among their many honors -- five No. 1 singles.

Kristian recently talked with the inspirational magazine, Risen, about the emotional joys of having children, writing hit songs and winning a Grammy.

"Something like a Grammy is a joy of an accomplishment where [it's like] 'I didn't think this was possible, and it just came true.' It's a joy that has some sort of faith in it," he says.

Kristian says the joy of parenthood "is a completely different type of joy. It's like, 'Oh my gosh ... I now understand that my purpose on this planet is to make sure this kid survives.' You have a certain amount of joy in that awareness that you're small -- you're no longer large. You're no longer so important. The other joy is the joy of creating. That's the one that has probably the most mystery and the most payoffs. It makes me completely aware that something else is happening, and that if I just hold still long enough, it will keep happening. It's like you're kind of channeling a little bit, and it's an accomplishment as a writer."

When it comes to working with singing partner Jennifer Nettles, Kristian notes the two are just trying to encapsulate something about the human condition.

"You're really not working for you, you're working for everyone else," he explains. "You don't realize it at the time because you're not really thinking like that, but it seems like magic. It's like what happens when a golfer hits a golf ball. It's like you swing with a certain amount of strength and speed and it goes ten times further than you should have hit it. It's the same thing when you're writing a song. You feel like you're creating this thing, but it takes on a life of its own."

Sugarland has just released their first holiday album, 'Gold and Green,' featuring five original songs and five traditional carols.