The title track of Rascal Flatts' fifth studio album, "Still Feels Good" is a Gary LeVox, Neil Thrasher and Wendell Mobley co-write. Although the song never became a single, the album named for it, released in 2007, has been certified double-platinum.

Below, Flatts member LeVox shares with The Boot the story behind the song. Read on for the scoop, in his own words.

It's about being with somebody for so long -- your wife or husband or whoever -- and saying, "It still feels good, after all this time." You know, with [the] divorce [rate] being like 55 percent these days, it seems like it's just easier for people to get a divorce instead of trying to make it work. So this is just a way to say, "After all this time together, it still feels good. It still feels like the first time."

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