In February of 2018, singer-songwriter Sierra Black released her single "Make It Easy." Produced by Mark Bright, the song soundtracks her own wedding video, a stunning glimpse into the special day on which she married her husband, Ryan Growney. When the video went viral on Facebook, one particular piece garnered quite a bit of attention: a note that Black, at 14 years old, had written to her future husband, which she read aloud on her and Growney's wedding day.

Black penned "Make It Easy" with Bright and Chris Stevens in the fall of 2015, inspired in part by her relationship with her now-husband ... but not so much by that letter, as she tells The Boot.

It came together so naturally, and we wrote it in one day. Mark, Chris and I were just having a good time, laughing and talking about that "forever love." It was all inspired by how we all feel in our own relationships. I actually found the letter years after I wrote the song and days before our wedding. Oddly enough, the song talks about just being madly in love with someone, and my letter does, too.

[My favorite line in the song is] “And though sometimes it ain’t perfect, baby, I know it’s all worth it.” Because I think that’s just a very honest line. Life isn’t perfect; sometimes it’s tough, but with our love, the battles are worth it. We can handle it all because we love each other.

Chris and Mark brought a lot to the song. As far as producing the record, [Mark]'s the guy that made me sing with all I’ve got. He pushed me to levels I thought I could go to but needed his confidence to get there.

I think one of the great things about music is being able to connect with those around you. Hearing people say they feel the same way about their partner, or [that] the song gives them hope they’ll find a love, is amazing. I’m just super proud of it.

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