In August of 2008, Josh Turner released "Everything Is Fine" as the third single from his album of the same name. Written by the singer himself, the song finds Turner embodying a quintessential blue-collar American -- someone much like the people that he grew up around in South Carolina. Below, Turner explains how "Everything Is Fine" comes from that place, but has a message from which everyone can learn.

I was the sole writer on this song. The song was me putting myself in the shoes of this average, blue-collar American guy that wasn't necessarily financially well-to-do, but he was well-to-do in life: Everything that he could ever want -- whether it was family or community or church, his dog or his truck -- he had, so everything is fine.

I came from a rural background, and I didn't come in contact with a lot of wealthy people. I grew up around people that enjoyed life day to day and found pleasure in simple things.

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