Alissa Moreno and Jeffrey Steele co-wrote "Every Day," a song that Rascal Flatts recorded for their Still Feels Good album and released as the record's third single in March of 2008. After debuting at No. 42 on the Hot Country Songs chart, "Every Day" reached a peak of No. 2 in June of 2008, becoming the Flatts 19th consecutive Top 10 hit. Below, Moreno tells The Boot about how the song came to be.

I sat down at my piano one weird, rainy night in LA and came up with that hook. It had a lovely and somewhat random movement, chord-wise, which tended to leave me stuck and lead me nowhere. I must have played that thing for months on end and then finally gave up on it.

A few years later, I was playing it on a beautiful baby grand a few hours before Jeffrey Steele's soundcheck (we were going to try to write), and he said, "I love it! I have the perfect chorus for that: It goes, 'Every day, you save my life.'"

We sat with that a moment, and then he wandered around the piano, smoking his cigar and dropping genius thoughts and melodies like he always does. We got so tangled in the story, the time just flew by, and the whole moment felt magical and inspired. A few days later, I started playing it at my live shows, and I knew it was something special and that something bigger than me helped create it.

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