In 2008, Jennifer Hanson released the song "'73 (Everything Changes)" as the second single from her album Thankful. Below, the singer tells The Boot about the major life event that inspired the tune.

"'73" is my story. It really kind of wrote itself.

I was home a few summers back, and I was looking at an old photo album of pictures of me when I was little. My parents got divorced when I was six years old, but I found this picture of me, my mom and my dad when I was just a couple months old, and it was amazing to me how happy and in love they looked, because I don't remember them that way.

And as I was looking through this photo album, I was kind of looking at my life unfolding before me: Once they got divorced, then it's me with my mom at Christmastime, and Christmas with my dad, and then my brother came along. My dad went on to remarry and have two more children, and there were no pictures of the three of us together until I graduated from high school. And it just really put everything in perspective. Like, that one decision -- them not staying together -- changed the whole course of my life.

But what I realized is, I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm so grateful of I'm where I'm at. That's the path I was supposed to be on. And there are people that wouldn't be in my life had they stayed together, like my brother and my sister.

I've been amazed how many people have responded to that song. They come up to me and say, "That's my story," even though it's my story. They relate to it, because they've lived that, too. That's all you can hope to do as an artist and a writer is touch people.

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