Stephanie Quayle's newest song, "Selfish," shuts out the rest of the world for a little while in favor of being alone with a special someone. It's an unabashedly sexy song, one that Quayle says gave her the chance to write from a bold, flirtatious place.

Below, Quayle recounts the story of what interested her about "Selfish" in the writing room, and also the listener reactions that continue to interest her now that the track is out in the world. Read on to learn more.

I wrote that song with two of my friends who are awesome songwriters, and it was a perspective -- an honest perspective. It was how we all feel. A lot of us can relate to wanting to be selfish with the ones we love.

You wanna know my favorite [reaction to the song]? "It's aggressive" -- that the message was aggressive. I found that very interesting. I took it as a compliment. Most people would be maybe offended ... [but] I thought it was really interesting.

And so I asked him to say it again, and I said, "I like that." Because when you think back to Loretta Lynn and some of the lyrics she had [that were] evocative at the time, the lyrical content is definitely something that's just fascinating. So I found that to be a compliment.

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