Americana duo Steel Blossoms are premiering their new song "County Line" exclusively for readers of The Boot. Press play below to listen to the deeply personal song, which is packed full of rich harmonies.

Together, the Steel Blossoms' Sara Zebley and Haley Prosser explore poverty, addiction, small-town life and the vast gulf between the rich and poor in "County Line." Unlike many songs about small towns that tend to speak in stereotypes and relentlessly skewer the people who live there, this one treats the subject with care.

"When we sat down to write this song, we wanted to be delicate about how that message was coming across, because we are so proud of where we come from," Prosser tells The Boot. "It’s a reminder that there’s not just one path to any destination, and that it’s easy to fall into the patterns of all the ones who came before you."

Prosser and Zebley both grew up in small towns located south of Pittsburgh, Pa. -- different ones, located about 45 minutes apart. The two and met by chance while performing at a Pennsylvania music festival with different groups.

"Our towns are very different," Zebley says, "but we realized through years of conversation that the same issues still exist no matter where or how you grow up."

Since moving to Nashville from Pennsylvania to pursue their music careers, Zebley and Prosser have paid their dues in Music City honky-tonks and performed at house shows. In early 2019, they signed to the brand-new Americana label Billy Jam Records; in the coming months, the band will release their second full-length album, a self-titled project that's the follow-up to 2016's Country Enough.

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Listen to Steel Blossoms' "County Line"

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