Members: Caroline Cutbirth, Jennifer Wayne & Tayla Lynn

Sound Like: SHeDAISY meets Miranda Lambert

Formed in: Nashville, Tenn. (by way of California, Texas and Tennessee)

Debut Single:
'He Better Be Dead'

[Listen to 'He Better Be Dead']

Why We Dig Them: Take the descendants of frontiersman Daniel Boone (Caroline), film icon John Wayne (Jennifer) and Country Music Hall of Fame legend Loretta Lynn (Tayla) and you have the women of Stealing Angels. A nationally-ranked tennis player from childhood, Jennifer's life changed after one of her grandfather John Wayne's best friends, entertainment mogul Merv Griffin, heard her sing. He opened a record label just for her and as a result, she moved to Nashville to begin recording. The label was dissolved, however, when Merv passed away in 2007.

Jennifer soon met Caroline, a Texas native, after she moved to Nashville, and the pair were put together with Loretta's granddaughter, Tayla, with hopes of developing a reality show that would spotlight the impressive lineages of the threesome. Although the show idea fizzled, the trio's collective creativity as singers and songwriters was sparked and soon caught the attention of Paul Worley, the producer behind another trio act that left an indelible mark on country music: the Dixie Chicks. Worley has also produced Sara Evans, Big & Rich and Martina McBride, among many others and in forming his own label, Skyville Records, signed Stealing Angels as the flagship artist of the roster.

The trio combine their love of pop, rock, country and all genres in between with tight, soaring harmonies and a sly sense of humor (found especially in the standout track 'He Better Be Dead.') They're currently working on their debut album, due out next year.

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