Country trio Southern Halo have a new lyric video to share, for their song "Missing Mississippi," and they're letting The Boot's readers see it first. Press play above to watch.

Written by the trio's Natalia Morris along with Jennifer Adan, "Missing Mississippi" comes from a flood of homesickness Morris experienced while spending her first night alone in Nashville. "All I had was an air mattress and my acoustic guitar. My homesick emotions just poured out," she recalls.

"I guess you’ll never know until ya try / Well it’s not forever, it’s just goodbye," Southern Halo sing in "Missing Mississippi." "This is a brand-new life and brand-new journey / And I’ve never felt so wild and free / But no matter where I go or where life takes me / I’ll always be missing Mississippi."

Morris admits she still cries when she hears "Missing Mississippi," but there's a positive outcome to its creation: Natalia and her sisters and bandmates, bassist and vocalist Hannah and drummer and vocalist Christina, have grown closer with the song soundtracking their adventures.

"With all of the fun and new memories made from traveling all over the nation, my sisters and I naturally grew closer to this song as we reminisce about life growing up in Mississippi," Natalia Morris, Southern Halo's lead vocalist and guitarist, explains. "We come to think about growing up and all of our memories back in Mississippi, and how we will always cherish it."

"Missing Mississippi" comes from Southern Halo's 2018 album Just Like in the Movies. They're working on new music for 2020, with a new producer, Cliff Downs, and fans can keep up with their goings-on at

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