Alt-country six-piece Sophie and the Broken Things are premiering their new song "Tornado" exclusively for readers of The Boot. Press play above to listen.

Written by frontwoman Sophie Gault, "Tornado" isn't actually about severe weather; instead, it's about confronting the unreasonable expectations that we set for ourselves, especially when it comes to emotions about what we should've accomplished by the time we're a certain age. For Gault, that age was 25, and she was feeling like she'd accomplished "nothing" while watching her peers thrive.

"There's a saying that comparison is the thief of joy -- and I was wondering why I wasn't doing the things I saw my peers doing," Gault tells The Boot. "That's a trap I set for myself, because there is no age limit or definitive thing that you're supposed to do."

Gault deftly and vividly employs the metaphor of the devastation caused by swirling winds into a look into her own life in "Tornado." "I dreamt that a tornado tore right through this town / There was nowhere to go, no shelter to be found," she sings on the refrain. "So I dug myself a hole inside the ground / Sky turned green, and then I heard the sound of a train goin' off the tracks."

Featuring Gault on vocals and guitar, Sophie and the Broken Things are truly a 21st-century band. After its members -- from Maryland, California, New York and Illinois -- moved to Nashville, they met via a Craigslist ad, and the rest, as they say, is history. Now, Sophie and the Broken Things are gearing up to release a self-titled debut EP, on which "Tornado" appears.

Sophie and the Broken Things is due out on Jan. 31 via Petaluma Records. Visit the band's Facebook page for more details.

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