Ashley McBryde will be the third woman to receive the Yellow Rose of Inspiration from Song Suffragettes, Nashville's weekly, all-women singer-songwriter round. The "Martha Divine" singer will also play a few songs during a special anniversary performance this month.

The Song Suffragettes' seventh anniversary show is set for March 29 at the Listening Room. There will be two one-hour rounds on that night, with Tenille Arts as a part of the first. The "Somebody Like That" singer and frequent Song Suffragettes performer will be joined by Kalie Shorr, Madeline Finn, Livy Jeanne and Brittney Spencer.

A second round will feature Candi Carpenter, Mia Mantia, Kaylin Roberson and Sophia Scott joining first-timer Allie Dunn. Mia Morris will be a part of both rounds on cajon, backing vocals and various other instruments.

Tickets to attend in person are available through the Listening Room website, but fans can also stream the show live on the Song Suffragettes YouTube page. The Boot will also carry the stream on March 29.

McBryde's songs including "Girl Goin' Nowhere" and "One Night Standards" have been pivotal for many of the over 300 performers who've taken the Song Suffragettes stage since 2014. The Yellow Rose of Inspiration of Award has only been given twice before, to Liz Rose and Laura Veltz in 2019 and 2020, respectively. The award honors a female singer or songwriter's contributions to the songwriting community.

More than 40 Song Suffragettes have signed publishing deals since performing during the series. Another 12 have inked record deals.

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