Americana duo Society of Broken Souls are premiering their new song "Starflower Blues" exclusively for readers of The Boot. Press play below to listen.

A moody, Celtic-influenced song, "Starflower Blues" was written by Society of Broken Souls' own Lauryn Shapter, who says it's one of her (and bandmate Dennis James') favorite songs to perform live.

"We perform it with the two guitars and a stomp box, and that’s all it needs to pack a strong punch. So I think I was expecting that to be easily amplified when we went into the studio," Shapter says. "So many of our other songs get a multi-layered treatment, but for whatever reason, that didn’t seem to be working with this song. We kept trying different instruments, but in the end, it is pretty close to how we perform it live: two guitars, two vocals, but with bass and drums taking over for the stomp box. Sometimes things are best left as they are, without too much fussing."

Despite its somewhat somber title and tone, Shapter says that "Starflower Blues" was written about finding silver linings: "We should seek to find beauty wherever and however we can," she explains, "because sometimes that’s all we get."

"I also had had several conversations with different people who tended to see the downside of everything, even a beautiful, sunny day, and so, in part, the inspiration came from those conversations," Shapter adds. "As we continue to perform the song, I realize that I’m sometimes guilty of that leaning, and that I too can learn to stay present and look for the beauty that is everywhere, even if it’s not readily apparent. Everything really is as it should be, if we can just stay in the moment."

Both multi-instrumentalists, Shapter and James are known to bring fiddles, drums, keyboards and acoustic and electric guitars to their live shows. The duo even retrofit a 22-year-old RV to fit all their instruments, taking it out on tour in 2017 to perform almost 100 shows in 18 states and travel 22,000 miles.

"Starflower Blues" appears on Society of Broken Souls' forthcoming album Midnight and the Pale, set for release on April 13. Visit for more details.

Listen to Society of Broken Souls, "Starflower Blues":

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