Until releasing "Our World," country duo Smithfield had never cut a song they didn't write. According to the pair, however, the track already felt like their song, even when someone else was singing it on the demo. Read on to learn more, in Smithfield's own words.  

Trey Smith: I always go based on that "first listen" feeling: When you listen to a hit song, or a song you connect with, the first time you listen to it, you just feel it in your gut. I felt that when I heard this song.

People have pitched us songs before, and, you know, I've just never heard a song that I thought "Yup, that's a song we would sing. That's a Smithfield song." This was the first time that I listened to it once and I was like, "I connect with that song, I love that song and it's basically us singing it."

I played it for Jennifer and said, "I think we need to cut this song. I can't believe nobody has yet." And we went in and cut it, and it turned out great.

Jennifer Fiedler: Trey and I grew up together; we've known each other since we were 10. [This song] reminded me of us as kids. Waxahatchee, Texas, is a small town outside of Dallas, and there's not much going on there, but I remember growing up and feeling like that was the whole world, you know?

So that's why I connected to it personally, and we just loved it. It was uptempo, and, you know, "Hey Whiskey" is a great song, but it showcased more of my vocals. So I was really excited to put out a song that showcases both of our vocals.

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