Shania Twain represents the very concept of country music stardom to fans of a certain age, so she hardly needs an introduction. Still, the crossover hitmaker behind the biggest-selling country album ever, 1998's Come on Over, has a life story dotted with fun facts and potentially embarrassing memories that even her most die-hard followers might've missed over her 25-plus years in the mainstream.

A native of Canada, Twain's life has been full of both miraculous moments (starting, literally, at the time she was born) and tragedy (for example, one very messy divorce). After years away, Twain released her most recent album, Now, in 2017.

Read on for 10 fast facts you might know about the country queen, from her brushes with stage fright to her rock star aspirations. There's even a tidbit about an unfortunate pet name given to her by ex-husband, producer Robert John "Mutt" Lange:

10 (More) Things You Didn't Know About Shania Twain:

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