Shania Twain isn't afraid to poke fun at herself in the name of social distancing. The superstar singer recently turned to Twitter to share edited versions of her classic and albums' and singles' covers, changing the titles to encourage fans to adhere to social distancing guidelines amidst the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

One cover takes the single art from Twain's hit "Honey, I'm Home," featuring Twain in a denim jacket against a pale blue backdrop, and changes the title to "Honey, Stay Home." Another image takes the cover art for The Woman in Me and adds the line "needs the man in you to go isolate somewhere else" at the bottom.

"Has anyone else started laughing at their own jokes?" Twain captions the photos, along with a crying laughing emoji and the hashtag #StayHome.

Another set of doctored album covers takes Twain's iconic Up! and alters it to In! The "new" cover of the Grammy-winning Come on Over urges Don't Come on Over, Twain again signifying her approval of the adaptations with two crying laughing emojis.

Twain later shared two more social distancing-friendly covers: one that changes her duet with Mark McGrath from "Party for Two" to the timely "Party for One," and one where "Don't Be Stupid" becomes "Don't Be Stupid (Stay at Home)."

Twain was one of the many artists who participated in ACM Presents: Our Country on April 5, a TV special in place of the rescheduled ACM Awards that featured country stars performing some of their biggest hits from their homes. Twain treated fans to an acoustic medley of "Honey I'm Home" and "Man! I Feel Like a Woman" from her barn, where she was accompanied by her horse and dog.

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