Country traditionalist Shane Owens is revealing his "Country Never Goes Out of Style" music video exclusively on The Boot, and even if fans aren't particularly familiar with Owens' work, they'll definitely see a familiar face in the clip: Randy Travis makes an appearance!

Owens' "Country Never Goes Out of Style" video is the first to feature Travis since his stroke in 2013. The clip shows the country superstar in one of the places his knows best: the recording studio.

"I drive an old Ford pickup circa 1969 / When Papaw passed away, Mamaw told me it was mine," Owens sings with a drawl as thick as the humid southern air. "I tuned up that engine / Rebuilt that old transmission / And never touched that radio dial / 'Cause country never goes out of style."

"Country Never Goes Out of Style" touches on all things country -- a John Deere hat, Wrangler jeans, fishing with a cane pole and so on -- and its music video highlights starry nights, trucks, bonfires, horses and more.

"It may be old fashioned, but it don't get old / Life's a little smoother down a gravel road," the lyrics go. "Let the whole world keep on changing / I'll just be a-hanging outside of town a couple of miles / 'Cause country never goes out of style."

Interspersed throughout the clip are shots of Owens recording in a beautiful church -- the moments during which Travis makes his appearances. The elder country star sits in the recording studio, smiling and nodding to the song's lyrics, and at the end of the video, Travis raises his fist, signaling a great take. When the "Forever and Ever, Amen" hitmaker approves, you know it's good!

“The song "Country Never Goes Out of Style" means so much to me," Owens says in a press release. "It really talks about the way I was raised and the way I live my life today ... I think a lot of people live this song daily and can relate to it, especially if they were raised in the country with old-school ways."

Travis adds, “Shane Owens brings it all ... vocal, writing, performance and passion. He has paid his dues, remained committed to traditional country and brings you a song with heart and a story ..."

For information on Owens' upcoming shows, visit his official website.