Seth Ennis has debuted an artsy music video for his debut single, "Woke Up in Nashville." Click play above to watch the country singer's tribute to Music City and the woman he loved and lost.

Composed of artistic black-and-white clips of Nashville, Ennis and the girl he left behind, the video for "Woke Up in Nashville" matches the vulnerable love song it accompanies. The young singer may have followed his musical dream to Music City, but it's his dream girl who still haunts him.

Bringing in a piano to carry the tune rather than the standard electric guitar is just one of the differences that makes "Woke Up in Nashville" a compelling country ballad. Ennis' twang firmly grounds the track, while he takes experimental liberties with the rest of the song, playing up heavy drum beats and revealing the emptiness he feels without a love he thought he could live without.

"Been trying to live / With only half of my heart / Just sleepwalking in the Tennessee dark / If I can't make every memory with you / Then dreaming's just sleeping here without you," Ennis sings with poetic prowess in the pre-chorus of "Woke Up in Nashville." "So, hello / I'm really glad you picked up your phone / I had to tell you, baby / I was so wrong for thinking you / Were something I could ever do without / Thought everything I wanted was in this town / But you were all that I needed all along / It took me long enough / But I woke up."

Inspired by everyone from Vince Gill to R&B singer Usher, Ennis showcases his wide range of influence beautifully on "Woke Up in Nashville." At just 23 years old, the newcomer's ability to infuse country with other genres reveals a talent well beyond his age; combine that with his strength as a songwriter and Ennis is certainly a new voice to look out for in 2017.

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