Up-and-comer Seth Ennis' latest song, "Call Your Mama," tells the story of the importance of family and remembering to stay connected to the people that you love. However, the first time he told his own mom about the song, she thought he was kidding.

Read on to learn why Mama Ennis had the response that she did to "Call Your Mama," and more about her reaction to the track. 

Seth Ennis' Mom: [When I first heard that he'd written the song, I thought] that it was a joke! He just told me that he had written a song, and I asked him what the name of it was, and he said, "Call Your Mama." I thought, "Oh, he's making fun of me," because I say that to him all the time. And then he sent me the song.

I listened to it by myself in private, and cried a little bit, and then let him know that I was very proud.

Seth Ennis: We were in the UK the first time she heard me play it live. It was right after I wrote it, and I was opening for Little Big Town.

My mama was out there, so she came to a show, and I had her standing next to this security guy. I played the "Call Your Mama" song, and I guess the security guy kind of knew that it was my mom. He was like, "Is that your son?" She was like, "Yeah, do you know his music?" And he said, "No, I don't really know his music."

Then, I think because I was in the UK, I covered an Ed Sheeran song, and the guy was like, "Oh, I do know your son!" But ... it wasn't my song, of course.

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