British country singer-songwriter Sasha McVeigh is exclusively premiering her music video for "When I'm Over You" with The Boot. In the clip, the artist plays the epitome of a broken heart: A beautiful woman in a grand home, she wears diamonds and fur, yet there is a sadness emanating from her -- because she is not yet over her former love.

The "When I'm Over You" video was filmed in black and white, an artistic choice that adds to the somber feel.

"It's quite emotional, for me, watching the music video, because I'd had this idea of how I wanted it to look pretty much as soon as the song was written. It's amazing that the finished product looks exactly how I hoped and imagined it would," McVeigh says. "I think the fans will be surprised because it's a definite contrast to my last music video!"

Fan response to the song so far has been "incredible" according to the singer. Still, "When I'm Over You" wasn't the type of song that McVeigh was eager to write.

"This is a song that wasn’t meant to be written because, by writing it, I had to admit what I’d spent so long trying to hide: I wasn’t over him," McVeigh tells The Boot. "But letting myself be vulnerable and writing this song made me realize it’s okay not to have moved on. It’s okay to be sad sometimes because that proves what I felt was real. One day, I will let him go, but until then, I’ll keep that unnamed number in my phone."

McVeigh wrote "When I'm Over You" with Nashville singer-songwriter David Evans. The pair was trying to write an upbeat song ... but this one came out instead.

"David could tell I had something else on my mind," McVeigh reflects. "I was really reluctant to talk about it, but he got it out of me eventually, and then the song just poured out of us both."

McVeigh's star has been rising throughout the past couple of years: She's played at a number of country music festivals, including Country Jam, the Taste of Country Music Festival and Country Stampede; she has opened for artists including Dustin Lynch and Thompson Square; and she performed at the ACM Kick-Off Party in Las Vegas in 2014.

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