Singer-songwriter Sarah Ames is sharing a stripped-down, acoustic version of her song "Fix Me a Whiskey" exclusively with readers of The Boot. Press play above to watch her emotive delivery of the track, accompanied only by a piano.

In contrast to the song's original arrangement, Ames decided to stick with a simple piano backdrop for this version of "Fix Me a Whiskey" so the song's lyrics could truly be the focus. "I thought it would be cool to have it centered around a piano, which is so different from the guitar-driven track," Ames tells The Boot.

"This song comes from that raw, heartbroken place many of us have felt at some point," she adds. "It depicts those moments of desperation, where you would do anything to not hurt anymore and just move on."

Pianist Billy Nobel, who played on the song's original studio recording, also lends killer harmonies to this version of "Fix Me a Whiskey," a song that's all about the urge to drink that comes along in the midst of a brutal breakup. In its stripped-down form, it's a lyrical punch to the gut, especially for anyone who's intimately familiar with the feeling of trying to drink away the pain of a broken heart.

"Let it sting, let it burn, let it run right through my veins / Make it strong, make it hurt, make it chase away the pain / It's a Band-Aid on a heartbreak, that's what I come here for," Ames sings. "Fix me a whiskey 'til the whiskey can't fix me anymore."

Born in Northern California, Ames is heavily influenced by the distinctive "California country sound" born in her home state; she counts the Eagles, Bonnie Raitt, Sheryl Crow and the Doobie Brothers among her influences. Now, Ames is based in Nashville, where she's constantly performing and writing new music.

"Fix Me a Whiskey" is out now. Fans can keep up with Ames' tour dates, new music and more via her official website.

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