Sammy Kershaw doesn't have just one album coming down the pipeline -- he has three! When The Boot caught up with the singer during Country Jam 2017, Kershaw shared some of the details.

"One of them is a new country album, one is a gospel album," Kershaw tells The Boot, "[and] another one is kind of a tribute to my heroes in southwest Louisiana. I have a bunch of them on the album, all singing a song with me, of some 'swamp pop' music, it's called. Louisiana swamp pop is a lot of piano; it's a special beat, and there's a lot of saxophone in the music."

Kershaw is worried that when his swamp pop heroes -- most of whom have been playing since the 1970s and '80s -- retire, no one will be around to continue the genre's legacy. He wants this album to be a way to say thank you for all the years he has enjoyed listening to those artists.

"I've been listening to them since I was a boy," Kershaw says, citing artists such as Eddy Raven, Willie Tee, TK Hulin and more, "so I just thought I would like to do a tribute album to those guys and get those guys on the album with me."

Special projects such as a swamp pop record and a gospel album aren't new ideas to Kershaw, however: “I love all kinds of music … and when I’m not working on a country record, I don’t want to be not making music just because I’m not ready to make another country record,” he previously told The Boot. “I’ve been doing this for 46 years, so special projects, to me, that’s exactly what they are — they’re special projects.”

Kershaw says his swamp pop record will be out this fall, but fans will have to wait until the new year for the gospel and country albums. More information about Kershaw, including upcoming show dates, can be found on his official website.

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